Leister Plastic Welding Kits

Leister kits will make you happy!

We've got KITS!

No not the talking car KIT

But, what we're talking about is almost as cool; our specially priced, LEISTER plastic welding kits!


Leister hot air welding kits are packaged for the plastic welding professional.  Your kit is proof that you want to do things right the first time! Swiss quality and precision wrapped up nice and neat in a value added kit!  Click on the Gary or the Hoff to get detailed information on the kit you're interested in and if you fill out our quote request form we will send you a quote ASAP.


The perfect combination of packaging and performance (just like KIT the talking car); these kits are offered by us but suggested and produced because of you!

"That's what we're talking about Willis!"

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LEISTER is the clear winner



 During this year’s heated Presidential election, we at Assembly Supplies Co. would like to introduce the number one candidate for hot air, LEISTER.  Leister Hot Air has over 60 years experience in the plastic welding, process heating, and industrial fabrics industries.  Often during elections it can be confusing as to who’s selling the best hot air. Let me be clear, if you are looking for dependable tools that have a proven track record of high performance in tough conditions, LEISTER HOT AIR is your choice.



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National Plastic Expo – 2012 the wrap-up

At the recent NPE tradeshow in Orlando I spoke with a number of plastic companies that are using hand held heat guns intended for trade or residential use, for Industrial applications such as heating, drying, and bending. These tools are not designed for this type of work, but they are inexpensive ($45.00 to $100.00); these tools are ineffective and notorious for breaking down (creating costly downtime for production lines).  Many of the companies I spoke to are ordering 100 or more of these hot air guns at a time and simply replacing (25+) them when they fail.   At 25 tools x 52 weeks = 1300 hand tools being replaced, just imagine the costs even if the tools are inexpensive!  This is where an inexpensive tool really turns out to be very expensive.

 Leister comes to the rescue:

Leister has been manufacturing process heating equipment for over 60 years – Put their experience and Swiss Engineering to work for you.  Leister tools are designed for continuous duty applications and will provide you with years of service – not days. Leister also offers a wide variety of sizes to fit any heating application as well as a wide selection of nozzles to allow for the proper heating of your product.

 The Leister Hotwind System, Vulcan System and Mistral integrated blower.   These systems can be easily moved and placed where they are needed.  Wide selections of nozzles are available to fit your application.

Leister Hotwind System

 The Leister LHS process heating systems can be easily mounted and connected to a variety of different blowers and nozzles


 When it comes to Hot Air Equipment Leister is your best choice!  Don’t throw away your money at cheap inferior equipment – purchase the proper equipment (LEISTER) that will stand up to industrial production applications and do the job.  PURCHASE LEISTER AND YOU WILL SAVE MONEY AND KEEP YOUR PRODUCTION LINE RUNNING SMOOTHLY!  Please feel free to call us and discuss your applications and needs.




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The Hotwind System; Jedi approved Large Binocular Telescope tested

Where's that Wookie when we need him?

Hotwinds for Planet Hoth:  In a galaxy far, far away (well maybe not that far away geographically), when the weather gets down to -20C, the Pinaleńo Mountains of southeastern Arizona can become very uncomfortable for humans and their equipment. That is unless they happen to work at the Steward Observatory on Mt. Graham doing research for the University of Arizona.

In August of 2011, Assembly Supplies Co., the authorized LEISTER Sales and Service center was contacted by the University of Arizona to help solve a problem they were having at the Observatory. The below freezing temperatures were prohibiting the weather masts from providing data; barometers, anemometers, and other sensors dealing with rain and humidity were rendered useless to the operators and astronomers trying to collect data. Also, when the shutter doors were open, the Large Binocular Telescope could be damaged by falling ice. Could Leister Hot Air provide a solution? The answer was YES!

Working with one of the operators, we learned that they wanted to provide a continual stream of controlled, focused hot air throughout the weather mast to prevent buildup of snow and ice; something with a small footprint that would work in temperatures as low as -20C. Another feature they were interested in was to control the unit remotely if possible.  What Leister offered was a perfect fit.

Leister’s NEW Hotwind System had what they were looking for.  Small and compact, this newly upgraded hot air tool provides sufficient air flow and a temperature high of 650C. A brushless motor allows for long continual duty cycles. The integrated power electronics and interface allows the user to control air flow and temperature remotely. And an LCD display helps the operator see what the current status of the tool is.

On the first day of use, the staff at the Steward Observatory started up the Hotwind System at 9:00 a.m. Once running, they were able to go on to other duties and allow the Hotwind System to do its job.  A few hours later, when they returned to check on the status of the weather masts, they were happy to find them almost completely free of ice. The only ice that was left was in places the mast didn’t receive hot air. This was in late November and since then the staff at the Steward Observatory have been able to keep the snow and ice off important sensors and from building up in key areas by using more than one Leister Hotwind System.

Whatever the application, if you need hot air, then Leister Hot Air Tools are what you need. We were glad we could help find a solution for the staff at the Steward Observatory and we look forward to finding solutions for you too. Maybe now, without the worry of the snow and ice on their sensors, the observatory can look out on a clear night to a galaxy far far away.  And maybe, just maybe, we can get some Hotwinds for Planet Hoth next.

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DONT BURN THE ROOF DOWN! Raise the Roof with Leister Hot Air Tools!

International Roofing Expo 2012

Every year in February, the premier Roofing Expo brings you the latest and greatest in roofing technology. This year will be no different as the International Roofing Expo 2012 provides the always unparalleled opportunity to meet your peers and vendors, review their products, educate yourself and network your fantastic services. LEISTER will be at booth #771! Come by and see what's new!

The 2012 Roofing Expo will host Rusty Wallace as the keynote speaker. This world champion will impart his thoughts on “Running a Winning Organization.” Other highlights include several seminars on photovoltaics and other “green” topics to help you develop a presence in the burgeoning green roofing movement.

Any roofing or roofing related company is sure to benefit from attending the 2012 Roof Expo. It is not all work either. There’s plenty to do in Orlando from golfing to theme parks. 

Leister’s Hot Air Tools

As usual, a prominent space at the show has been booked by Leister Hot Air Tools. The worldwide leader in hot air roofing equipment, Leister provides the finest in welders, air blowers, extruders and tensiometers.

Sixty years of Swiss research and engineering has produced the fastest welding speeds on the most durable and dependable equipment in the industry. Leister’s hot air tools are among the most powerful in the world.

The engineers at Leister however, weren’t satisfied with brute force. They understand that these machines are to be wielded by a human being. The engineers went a step further and optimized the ergonomics of their tools. In short, not only is the tool more efficient but so is the user.

Leister is proud of its products and will pit them against any others in the industry. In addition, Leister supports its equipment with a network of impeccably trained service specialists. For precision and craftsmanship in roofing equipment, there is simply no comparison to Leister Hot Air Tools.

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Finding Heat with Infrared: The Air Radiation Heater

The new infrared air radiation system from Leister offers a solution to any number of applications. It utilizes absorption and convection, combining hot or ambient air, in a safe and effective way with capabilities far beyond most ordinary air radiation heaters. 

The modular design allows multiple heaters to cover large areas, and its footprint allows integration in small areas. The dimensions of the product are 248mm x 248mm x 128mm, and its weight is 3 kg. The product has CE conformity, CCA certification, and a proven track record of robust and precise air radiation.

Designed for continuous operation in industrial environments, Leister’s air radiation heater is one of its most impressive products. Infrared radiation is absorbed effectively by almost all materials, so you can have peace of mind again. The product can even work in standalone operation, without air supply, if need be.

The Leister air radiation system can also evacuate humid air in drying processes by reversing airflow. It has a response time of less than 15 sec., a wave length of approximately 2.2-4 µm, and a medium wave length of exactly 2.8 µm. Its voltage is 230, and its power rating is 1500W.

In terms of energy efficiency and productivity, the infrared air radiation system from Leister is designed to maximize a wide variety of industrial heating processes. On the whole, this is sure to maximize the effectiveness, safety, and all-around usability of any industrial heating process.

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Automation Technology Expo 2012: Leister’s Bringing the Heat!







Do you want to learn more about how you can attain exceptional results when it comes to precision hot air tools?

Look no further, Leister Process Technologies who have been manufacturing and supplying hot air precision tools to professionals all over the world for over 60 years, will be attending the Automation Technology Expo West (ATX) on February 14-16, 2012 in Anaheim, CA. Whether it be process heaters, hand tools, or parts and accessories that you need, Leister has it all to make your job as effortless and precise as possible. If you have any questions as to why you should pick us whenever working with hot air, our tools and products are the answer.

We are dedicated to providing the highest possible service to our customers and are always courteous and professional. Come down to the expo and learn more about us and the products we have to offer. You will not only witness our phenomenal line of products but you will also learn why we are the leaders in process heat solutions. Let us be your hot air tool providers. You will not be disappointed. Our tools can be integrated into automated systems of all shapes and sizes. Wherever hot air is needed we can provide it.

Come join us at the ATX Expo 2012! Booth #4574

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High Altitude, Swiss Alp Training; The Leister Way.

Some athletes prefer to train at high altitudes for it's competitive advantage. At Leister Hot Air tools we believe the same thing. Last week's Process Heat Conference in Sarnen Switzerland found us nestled in the middle of the Alps extensively discussing and learning about the infinite combinations of various process heat applications. Represented at the conference were Heisslufttechnik from Germany/Poland, BMC Gulf Trading & Contracting from the UAE. Western Process Heat from the USA, as well as many others.



















 Applications involving sterilizing, curing, shrinking, melting, activating, drying and many others were discussed with past examples in regards to thermo and aerodynamics.  Understanding these principles is key to making sure we find the best solution for our customer's processes. Many topics were discussed over the course of this five day forum. Not only did the participants discuss these and other topics but throughout the week "hands on" instruction, paired with classes were meant to keep Leister distributors abreast of the latest technological advances.

One of the best "hands on" instruction was with the NEW HOTWIND SYSTEM. We went over all the different ways customers would likely want to operate the unit. From "open loop" to "closed loop", to use with the internal PID controller to an external thermal couple. Leister made sure to cover all the bases with us regarding this new tool so that our customers can see the full potential of the HOTWIND SYSTEM. We also got a chance to see and work with the new Vulcan System coming out at the beginning of the year.

Over the week in Switzerland, Leister has shown us again why it's the leader in Hot Air. Commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and support of its distributors. With qualities and values like these Leister distributors worldwide can continue to promote Leister tools with the confidence as high as the Alps they're made in.

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Drying photovoltaic silicon wafers with Leister hot air


NEW Success Story

Besides wind and water, photovoltaics (PV) are becoming even more important among  renewable energies. One of the many steps in the production of PV modules involves drying the silicon wafers after cleaning. In this new success story the drying time on the production lines of the Norwegian special machinery manufacturer Tronrud have been reduced thanks to the use of Leister air heaters. Click on the photo to download the complete case study.

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Wrapping up the Pack Expo 2011



Attendance at this year's Pack Expo 2011 in Las Vegas was much larger than in recent years. The floors were crowded with people looking to find the next best solution or product for their needs. Some of the robotic elements used to help expedite and facilitate shipping and packing processes were reminiscent of something out of an Isaac Asimov novel.

In the middle of all this was the Leister Hot Air Tools booth. Highlighting the booth were our 2 new latest additions, the HOTWIND SYSTEM and the VULCAN SYSTEM. Both these units were integrated onto conveyor lines for shrinking labels on various sized bottles, even small tubes of chap stick. It didn't take long for crowds to form around the Leister booth wondering how these small compact heaters were able to provide such precise, consistent, and controlled hot air to the various labels and packaging materials. 

   And it didn't matter where you were from,      Leister had all their North American    distributors represented. Leister even flew  in an expert from the world headquarters  in Switzerland for the show! All of us at the  booth had a great time displaying and  answering questions about Leister's newest  developments regarding packaging and    process heat. However, if there are still any questions don't hesitate to contact your local authorized Leister dealer for help.

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