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Leister Plastic Welding Kits


We've got KITS! No not the talking car KIT But, what we're talking about is almost as cool; our specially priced, LEISTER plastic welding kits!   Leister hot air welding kits are packaged for the plastic welding professional.  Your kit … Continue reading

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LEISTER is the clear winner

  VOTE LEISTER 2012  During this year’s heated Presidential election, we at Assembly Supplies Co. would like to introduce the number one candidate for hot air, LEISTER.  Leister Hot Air has over 60 years experience in the plastic welding, process … Continue reading

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National Plastic Expo – 2012 the wrap-up

At the recent NPE tradeshow in Orlando I spoke with a number of plastic companies that are using hand held heat guns intended for trade or residential use, for Industrial applications such as heating, drying, and bending. These tools are … Continue reading

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The Hotwind System; Jedi approved Large Binocular Telescope tested

Hotwinds for Planet Hoth:  In a galaxy far, far away (well maybe not that far away geographically), when the weather gets down to -20C, the PinaleĊ„o Mountains of southeastern Arizona can become very uncomfortable for humans and their equipment. That … Continue reading

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DONT BURN THE ROOF DOWN! Raise the Roof with Leister Hot Air Tools!

International Roofing Expo 2012 Every year in February, the premier Roofing Expo brings you the latest and greatest in roofing technology. This year will be no different as the International Roofing Expo 2012 provides the always unparalleled opportunity to meet your … Continue reading

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Finding Heat with Infrared: The Air Radiation Heater

The new infrared air radiation system from Leister offers a solution to any number of applications. It utilizes absorption and convection, combining hot or ambient air, in a safe and effective way with capabilities far beyond most ordinary air radiation heaters.  … Continue reading

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Automation Technology Expo 2012: Leister’s Bringing the Heat!

            Do you want to learn more about how you can attain exceptional results when it comes to precision hot air tools? Look no further, Leister Process Technologies who have been manufacturing and supplying hot … Continue reading

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High Altitude, Swiss Alp Training; The Leister Way.

Some athletes prefer to train at high altitudes for it's competitive advantage. At Leister Hot Air tools we believe the same thing. Last week's Process Heat Conference in Sarnen Switzerland found us nestled in the middle of the Alps extensively discussing and learning about … Continue reading

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Drying photovoltaic silicon wafers with Leister hot air

  NEW Success Story Besides wind and water, photovoltaics (PV) are becoming even more important among  renewable energies. One of the many steps in the production of PV modules involves drying the silicon wafers after cleaning. In this new success … Continue reading

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Wrapping up the Pack Expo 2011

    Attendance at this year's Pack Expo 2011 in Las Vegas was much larger than in recent years. The floors were crowded with people looking to find the next best solution or product for their needs. Some of the robotic … Continue reading

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