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Finding Heat with Infrared: The Air Radiation Heater


The new infrared air radiation system from Leister offers a solution to any number of applications. It utilizes absorption and convection, combining hot or ambient air, in a safe and effective way with capabilities far beyond most ordinary air radiation heaters.  … Continue reading

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High Altitude, Swiss Alp Training; The Leister Way.

Some athletes prefer to train at high altitudes for it's competitive advantage. At Leister Hot Air tools we believe the same thing. Last week's Process Heat Conference in Sarnen Switzerland found us nestled in the middle of the Alps extensively discussing and learning about … Continue reading

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Drying photovoltaic silicon wafers with Leister hot air

  NEW Success Story Besides wind and water, photovoltaics (PV) are becoming even more important among  renewable energies. One of the many steps in the production of PV modules involves drying the silicon wafers after cleaning. In this new success … Continue reading

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Pack Expo 2011: Come Join Us!

          Once again, packaging and processing – of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, you name it – will be the focus of Pack Expo 2011, North America’s largest such convention, to be held in Las Vegas, Sept. … Continue reading

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The Flame-less Leister Hand Tool

Who says size matters? Though small in size, the Forte S3 is the most powerful hand tool from Leister, capable for use in the most confined spaces.  The Forte S3 is effective enough to use in an array of applications.   Shrink … Continue reading

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Become a Leister Distributor

It is no secret that Leister is the leading manufacturer in the plastic and process heat markets.  Why not become a part of that success?  There are a number of reasons why you should consider becoming a member of the Leister team: Leister … Continue reading

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Plastic Welding For Everyday Products

There are almost no sectors in everyday life you can imagine without plastics.  Construction: Roofing, flooring, sealing Transport: Boat cover, Car parts, truck covers Food: Packaging for safety and conserving Sports: Shoes, Balls, Skis, Sleds, Skateboards At Home: Vaccums, TV, … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why We Only Sell Leister Hot Air Tools and Blowers

Many years ago, we made a decision to concentrate all of our efforts on the sales and service of Leister hot air equipment.  The descision was made at the family dinner table; at the time, this was as close as we … Continue reading

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Why Leister Hot Air Blowers from Switzerland are simply better!

5 Reasons why Hot Air Blowers from Switzerland are simply better!  Knowledge.  Leister developed the first plastic welding tool and has continued to define and refine the professional grade equipment the plastic welding market has come to expect. Experience. For … Continue reading

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