Fun and Learning: The Leister Process Heat Seminar 2011













When did learning become fun? Well for me it was last week at Leister’s new North American Headquarters in Chicago. I realize a process heat seminar doesn’t exactly sizzle with excitement but you combine a professional and knowledgeable staff, fantastic new products, throw in  a Cubs game (a win for the Cubbies too), and you have yourself a good warm up for a great week of fun and learning.

The 2 new Hot Air Tools we worked with were the LEISTER HOTWIND SYSTEM & the VULCAN. BOTH new hot air tools have remote control capabilities, are infinitely adjustable, and are very user-friendly with digital displays for pin point accuracy. We were able to use each system and get hands on instruction going thru various configurations simulating a customer’s need for either “open” or “closed” looped scenarios.

Instruction on these tools was delivered by various members of Leister’s North American Headquarters staff and they even flew in an expert from the global headquarters in Switzerland! Switching back and forth from hands on “live” scenarios to more technical spec sheets on the product generated plenty of memorable moments with the other Leister distributors. Distributors were able to offer valuable insight because of real life applications they’d encountered, something theories can’t always take into account. The culmination of 3 full training days came to an end with a wonderful night game at Wrigley field.  

























This week of training began well and ended great, much like our night game at Wrigley field. After giving up 2 runs to tie the game, the Cubs heated things up in the bottom of the eighth when Carlos Pena hit a 3 run homer that put the Cubs in the lead and ultimately earned them the win. Fun and Learning. Leister Process Heat and Wrigley Field, its a win win situation!


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