Finding Heat with Infrared: The Air Radiation Heater


The new infrared air radiation system from Leister offers a solution to any number of applications. It utilizes absorption and convection, combining hot or ambient air, in a safe and effective way with capabilities far beyond most ordinary air radiation heaters. 

The modular design allows multiple heaters to cover large areas, and its footprint allows integration in small areas. The dimensions of the product are 248mm x 248mm x 128mm, and its weight is 3 kg. The product has CE conformity, CCA certification, and a proven track record of robust and precise air radiation.

Designed for continuous operation in industrial environments, Leister’s air radiation heater is one of its most impressive products. Infrared radiation is absorbed effectively by almost all materials, so you can have peace of mind again. The product can even work in standalone operation, without air supply, if need be.

The Leister air radiation system can also evacuate humid air in drying processes by reversing airflow. It has a response time of less than 15 sec., a wave length of approximately 2.2-4 µm, and a medium wave length of exactly 2.8 µm. Its voltage is 230, and its power rating is 1500W.

In terms of energy efficiency and productivity, the infrared air radiation system from Leister is designed to maximize a wide variety of industrial heating processes. On the whole, this is sure to maximize the effectiveness, safety, and all-around usability of any industrial heating process.

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