High Altitude, Swiss Alp Training; The Leister Way.


Some athletes prefer to train at high altitudes for it's competitive advantage. At Leister Hot Air tools we believe the same thing. Last week's Process Heat Conference in Sarnen Switzerland found us nestled in the middle of the Alps extensively discussing and learning about the infinite combinations of various process heat applications. Represented at the conference were Heisslufttechnik from Germany/Poland, BMC Gulf Trading & Contracting from the UAE. Western Process Heat from the USA, as well as many others.



















 Applications involving sterilizing, curing, shrinking, melting, activating, drying and many others were discussed with past examples in regards to thermo and aerodynamics.  Understanding these principles is key to making sure we find the best solution for our customer's processes. Many topics were discussed over the course of this five day forum. Not only did the participants discuss these and other topics but throughout the week "hands on" instruction, paired with classes were meant to keep Leister distributors abreast of the latest technological advances.

One of the best "hands on" instruction was with the NEW HOTWIND SYSTEM. We went over all the different ways customers would likely want to operate the unit. From "open loop" to "closed loop", to use with the internal PID controller to an external thermal couple. Leister made sure to cover all the bases with us regarding this new tool so that our customers can see the full potential of the HOTWIND SYSTEM. We also got a chance to see and work with the new Vulcan System coming out at the beginning of the year.

Over the week in Switzerland, Leister has shown us again why it's the leader in Hot Air. Commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and support of its distributors. With qualities and values like these Leister distributors worldwide can continue to promote Leister tools with the confidence as high as the Alps they're made in.

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