Wrapping up the Pack Expo 2011




Attendance at this year's Pack Expo 2011 in Las Vegas was much larger than in recent years. The floors were crowded with people looking to find the next best solution or product for their needs. Some of the robotic elements used to help expedite and facilitate shipping and packing processes were reminiscent of something out of an Isaac Asimov novel.

In the middle of all this was the Leister Hot Air Tools booth. Highlighting the booth were our 2 new latest additions, the HOTWIND SYSTEM and the VULCAN SYSTEM. Both these units were integrated onto conveyor lines for shrinking labels on various sized bottles, even small tubes of chap stick. It didn't take long for crowds to form around the Leister booth wondering how these small compact heaters were able to provide such precise, consistent, and controlled hot air to the various labels and packaging materials. 

   And it didn't matter where you were from,      Leister had all their North American    distributors represented. Leister even flew  in an expert from the world headquarters  in Switzerland for the show! All of us at the  booth had a great time displaying and  answering questions about Leister's newest  developments regarding packaging and    process heat. However, if there are still any questions don't hesitate to contact your local authorized Leister dealer for help.

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