New and Improved! Leister Hotwind Premium and Hotwind System


Beginning this month, the new versions of the Hotwind self-contained heater/blower will be available.  What makes this especially exciting is that this tool is a major upgrade/improvement to our current best selling hot air blower, the Hotwind S.  You now have two versions to choose from; the System, which is a digitally controlled, closed loop heater/blower that can be a stand-alone unit or integrated into a closed loop circuit using the built in system interface, and the Hotwind Premium which is the successor to the Hotwind S.

Here are just a few of the new upgrades/improvements

  • A more powerful, maintenance-free blower motor
  • Full control of air flow
  • Alarm output (System)
  • Integrated temperature control (System)

For more information click (button or photo) below

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