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Finding Heat with Infrared: The Air Radiation Heater


The new infrared air radiation system from Leister offers a solution to any number of applications. It utilizes absorption and convection, combining hot or ambient air, in a safe and effective way with capabilities far beyond most ordinary air radiation heaters.  … Continue reading

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Wrapping up the Pack Expo 2011

    Attendance at this year's Pack Expo 2011 in Las Vegas was much larger than in recent years. The floors were crowded with people looking to find the next best solution or product for their needs. Some of the robotic … Continue reading

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Quality Pays for Itself: Leister Hot Air Tools

Ever pass up on a superior product because you thought you might be able to save a little money, only to find that you saved nothing after having to repair or replace the inferior product shortly after your purchase? Spending … Continue reading

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Earth, Wind, and Fire: The Evolution of Hot Air

Earth, wind, and fire: the three basic elements of ancient times. And in today’s high-tech age? Hot-air blowers and welding gear, available from Leister in all shapes, sizes, and capacities, combine wind and fire to facilitate manufacturing processes of all … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why We Only Sell Leister Hot Air Tools and Blowers

Many years ago, we made a decision to concentrate all of our efforts on the sales and service of Leister hot air equipment.  The descision was made at the family dinner table; at the time, this was as close as we … Continue reading

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