LEISTER Process Technologies has over 60 years of manufacturing experience; this Swiss company prides itself on quality and attention to detail.

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Postal address: 1250 Pacific Oaks Place, #104, Escondido, CA 92029

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Leister tools offer contactless soldering and de-soldering of SMT and thru-hole components.

Surface Mount Technology Surface Mount Technology Surface Mount Technology

There are 100 different standard size nozzles and more than 1000 specialty nozzles for de-soldering from our own production for PLCC, LCCC, FPPLCC. QFP, TAB, BQFB, SO, SOL, TSOP, VSO, DIP, SIP, PIN-Grids, sockets and pin connectors.

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Contactless soldering and de-soldering of SMD and thru-hole components

Accessories for contactless soldering