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Fusion 3C

Fusion 3C

Fusion 3C

Clever and smart: Despite its simple and symmetrical construction, the FUSION 3C hand extruder achieves an output of up to 3.8 kg/h. A single warm air blower is sufficient for heating the plastic filler and preheated air.

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The Fusion 3C is ideally suited for use in container manufacturing, pipeline manufacturing and landfill sites/civil engineering.

Fusion 3C in actionFusion 3C in action

  • Compact and handy with a maximum output of 3.5 kg/h ( 7.7 lbs/h)
  • Integrated electronics for stepless adjustment of the preheating temperature and output quantity
  • Electronic drive protection
  • Revolvable welding shoe
  • Twist-free welding rod feed for 3 mm or 4 mm rod


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Technical Data double insulated Model Screw extruder with on board preheat
hot air blower
Voltage V ~ 230
Power consumption W 3350
Frequency Hz 50/60
Power A 16
Output HDPE lb/h 5.5 - 8.4
Output HDPE kg/h 2.5-3.8
Output Ø3 kg/h PE 1.6–2.3 PP 1.3–2.0
Welding Rod Æ mm 3 or 4
Material   PE / PP
Size L x W x H mm 670 x 90 x 180 w/o welding shoe
Weight lb 15.8 w/o cord
Weight kg 7.2 w/o cord