LEISTER Process Technologies has over 60 years of manufacturing experience; this Swiss company prides itself on quality and attention to detail.

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FAX: (888) 694-4275

Postal address: 1250 Pacific Oaks Place, #104, Escondido, CA 92029

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Heating Element

Heating Element

Heating Element

The finest elements in the world are manufactured by Leister in Switzerland!

To order replacement elements please identify the TYP,   Volts and Watts.  You can find these identifying labels on the bottom of Leister elements, as seen to the left.

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Leister Process Technologies offers the right high quality tool for all areas in which plastics are processed. Whether for welding plastic waterproof roof sheeting, earthworks or tunnel engineering, in process equipment manufacture, for processing tarpaulins, for floor coverings or vehicle repairs. We have the appropriate tool for every field of application. - Such diversity is only offered by Leister!

The proverbial performance and reliability of our products makes us the first choice

  • Nickel-chromium wrapped ceramic
  • Built for continuous use
  • High heating capacity
  • Temperature range ambient to 900°C
  • Up to 40kW

Call for more information (800) 694-1472


Call for more information (800) 694-1472