LEISTER Process Technologies has over 60 years of manufacturing experience; this Swiss company prides itself on quality and attention to detail.

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Medium pressure blower (radial compressor) The air-flow giant.

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Leister Process Technologies offers the right high quality tool for all areas in which plastics are processed. Whether for welding plastic waterproof roof sheeting, earthworks or tunnel engineering, in process equipment manufacture, for processing tarpaulins, for floor coverings or vehicle repairs. We have the appropriate tool for every field of application. - Such diversity is only offered by Leister!

The proverbial performance and reliability of our products makes us the first choice

  • Better hot air processes - Because air volume and heating performance can be set independently, precisely and reproducibly from each other.
  • Up to 60% higher blower performance - Because the frequency converter lets the blower turn faster than the mains frequency
  • Lower system costs - Smaller and cheaper blowers can be used or fewer blowers will be necessary, because multiple air heaters can be connected to a blower.
  • Easy to integrate in the controller - By the remote control interface 4-20mA/0-10V or by fixed set values (up to 4) via clamp contacts.
  • Air supply controller - Active braking function enables quick air volume changes, i.e. for timed systems.
  • Save energy – heat only when necessary - There are timed processes, where hot air is necessary within a clearly defined time window. For the rest of the time, the air volume can be minimised and the heating performance switched off.
  • Simple plug & play installation - The frequency converter is already configured for operation with Leister blowers.
  • Secure - Integrated current monitoring and a built-in motor protection switch protect the blower.
  • Elimination of the motor condensator - This function is already integrated in the frequency converter.


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Technical Data Design radial blower        
Frequency Hz 50 60    
Air flow (20 °C ) l/min 13500 15900    
Static pressure Pa 1600 2400    
Max. ambient temperature °C 60 60    
Noise emission level LpA (dB) 70 70    
Environmental protection (IEC 60529)   IP 54 IP 54    
Outside diameter air inlet mm Ø134 Ø134    
Outside diameter air outlet mm Ø90 Ø90    
Weight kg 15.0 15.0    
Marking of conformity   ce ce    
Protection class I   g g    
Voltage V~ 50Hz
1 × 230 3 × 230 / 400
3 × 440 – 480
3 × 500  
Power consumption W 550 550 550  
Without cable Order no.   103.527 103.532  
3 m cable / Euro plug Order no. 103.530