• 156.049 | RBR Blower (radial blower recirculation)

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    The RBR can withstand air temperatures of up to 350°C on the inlet side because of its design making it especially suitable for hot air recycling. By combining the double-flange air heaters type DF-R and other accessories, hot air systems can be constructed that recycle the hot air from the process which saves significant amounts of energy and costs.

    RBR Blower Recirculation

    The Comparison

    Sample calculation showing the potential of energy savings due to hot air recirculation.

    Based on:

    • 24-hour operation
    • 250 days per year
    • T1=inlet= 20°C 
    • or T1= 160°C
    • or T1= 350°C
    • T2=target = 500°C

    Example 4000 l/min

    Annual energy consumption @

    T1 = 20°C à 232’300 kWh
    Required Power 38.7 kW

    T1 = 160°C à 164’600 kWh
    Required Power 27.4 kW

    T1 = 350°C à 72’600 kWh
    Required Power 12.1 kW

    Saving per year T1 = 350°C vs. T1 = 20 °C 
    = 159.723 kWh 
    @ 0.12€/kWh 
    à savings = 19‘152.- € 

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