Leister Triac ST & Secore International – Giving Coral Reefs a Future

Assembly Supplies Co. and SECORE have joined forces to help the coral reefs.

It all started when we were in conversation with the SECORE team and they needed a tool that would repair tarp pools that help release the coral settlement substrates. At www.hotairtools.com we offer a wide variety of Leister hand welders, plastic welding extruders and process heat tools.

SECORE needed a tool that would do the job in rural places and fast. We recommended our Overlap Welding Kit which encompasses the Leister Triac ST, handy case and numerous tools for welding. This kit is the best plastic welding kit around.


SECORE International is a leading non-profit conservation organization for the protection, conservation, and restoration of coral reefs, based in the USA and Germany. They work in a global network of scientists, public aquarium professionals and local stakeholders and apply a multidisciplinary strategy combining active reef restoration, research, education, and outreach.

From there about us page, “SECORE applies a multidisciplinary strategy combining research, active reef restoration, education, and outreach for the conservation of coral reefs. We have established a global network of scientists, public aquarium professionals and local authorities, partners and stakeholders.

Together with our partners we carry out restoration research, develop and implement innovative strategies and techniques to allow future reef restoration at much larger scales than currently possible. Through the Global Coral Restoration Project we aim at restoring reef ecosystem functioning and services around the world.”


“It really is not that hard to do a repair with this tool.  After a little practice it is very intuitive. I have experienced a problem over the years with people getting repair materials that have hazardous solvents in them, and getting them shipped to remote locations.  The the adhesive has a shelf life, and often needs to be tossed out before it is used, wasting all the repair effort.  Welding has far less toxic elements, does not have a shelf life, and the welder and the fabric can be shipped anywhere without a hazardous charge or extensive packaging.  It is a perfect answer to repairing a product like the Coral Kindergarten because these items go all over the world.  Now going to Palau, which seems to be a very remote spot.  Thanks Assembly Supplies Co. for providing an excellent solution to this problem.  Thank you Aric for trusting that anyone can do a field repair with quality tools.”  Jack Kloepfer Design- Jack’s Plastic Welding Inc.


They are currently working on a larger scale to improve the survival rates of coral reefs. Below is more detail on how they plan to achieve this.

“We are currently developing and testing techniques to raise and handle large amounts of coral offspring. The time and manpower required to handle coral offspring and plant them onto wild reefs often limit restoration efforts. Accordingly, SECORE and partners have designed coral settlement substrates that self-attach to the reefs, enabling seeding coral recruits to join the reef in meaningful numbers. Currently, we are conducting pilot projects for larger-scale sexual coral restoration on Curaçao and in Mexico.

“Our capacity building centers will foster research and technology development, exchange of knowledge and expertise, and provide training courses and outreach”, says Dirk Petersen. “We will host annual training workshops for Caribbean stakeholders. The centers will function as bases to expand our network and to guide local restoration practitioners who have been fighting the decline of their reefs on their own. By joining forces and coordinating efforts in many places around the Caribbean, we can make a real change for the survival of coral reefs.”

Participants of the SECORE-CARMABI coral spawning workshop on Curacao in June 2018, set up the new SECORE floating rearing pool and fill it with conditioned settlement tiles. This is the first time that the prototype of the floating rearing pool gets tested in the field.

Interested in helping to save our coral reefs, you can make a donation for further research and restoration. Any amount helps.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about SECORE INTERNATIONAL and let us know how we can help you with your project.

**All photos were kindly provided by SECORE INTERNATIONAL.

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