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LEISTER Parts & Replacement Center

We’ve designed this Hot Air Tools parts center to provide replacement parts for LEISTER hot air hand tools. You will find parts such as heating elements, carbon brushes, motors, screws and more for the Triac ST, Triac S and Hot Jet S hot air hand tools. Can't find a part? We have hundreds of parts not listed online. Give us a call at 800-241-4628 or email us info@heelybrown.com to see if we can help.

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Electron ST

Fusion 3C

Diode PID

Weldplast S2

Ghibli AW

Labor S With Junction Box

Labor S
W/ Junction Box & Blower

Varimat V2 Mechanics

Varimat V2 Electronics

Varimat V2 Electron

Uniroof AT ST Electronics

Uniroof AT ST Mechanics

Uniroof AT ST Hot Air Blower

Variant T1 Electron

Variant T1 Electronics

Variant T1 Mechanics

Variant T1 Tape Electron

Variant T1 Tape Electronics

Variant T1 Tape Mechanics

Bitumat B2 Electron

Bitumat B2 Electronics

Bitumat B2 Mechanics

Bitumat B2 Upgrade Kit


Unifloor E Electronics

Unifloor E Ghibli

Unifloor E Mechanics

Unifloor S Electronics

Unifloor S Ghibli

Mistral 6 System

3000 Heater

Hotwind System/Premium

10,000 Tool

5,000 Tool