The Challenge

Required heat source for their plastic gas line repair wrapping materiel machine.

The solution

Created and installed an Electron Hot Air Welder with a special 360-degree air delivery nozzle.


Assembly Supplies Co. (ASC) was contacted by Milliken Pipe Wrap to supply a heat source for their plastic gas line repair wrapping material machine they were developing. After reviewing their requirements with size and weight constraints, an option to install an Electron hot air welder was decided upon for the initial prototype repair machine. A special nozzle with 360-degree air delivery was also utilized.

The machine was designed and fabricated by Milliken Pipe Wrap integrating a Leister heater and nozzle. With this initial machine, a large number of 2" plastic gas pipe samples were repaired by wrapping the pipe with the Milliken Pipe Wrap resin impregnated glass fiber tape and then heat was applied by moving the Electron and special nozzle along the axis of the pipe to cure the repaired section. These repaired samples were then forwarded to the Gas Technology Institute in Illinois for testing and evaluation; all samples produced excellent results. Milliken, in the meantime, applied for a patent on their design of their plastic gas pipe repair machine.

During this testing phase, Leister released a new design of the Mistral with a  brushless motor with a controls lock-out feature. In reviewing the possibilities of this new Leister unit, it was determined that  the initial design needed to be revised, incorporating the new Mistral unit and to design the machine for capabilities of repairing both 2" and 4" plastic gas pipelines.

The Gas Technology Institute has recommended that sample repairs be provided with dirty gas pipe to more closely simulate in-ground applications. Milliken Pipe Wrap is currently creating these dirty samples for evaluation to the Gas Technology Institute and manufacturing the revised iteration of the repair machine.

In the near future, if you have a need to repair a plastic gas line pipe, look to Milliken Pipe Wrap for a machine to take care of your needs and Leister to provide a heat source for your design requirements.