• TRIAC AT: Intelligent, Digital LEISTER Heat Gun

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    The Leister Triac AT is the next generation of hot air welders featuring a large digital temperature display and precision control for welding applications.

    The TRIAC AT is an intelligent hot-air hand tool that is suitable for on-site use. This digital version of our most popular hand tool is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional. Every tool undergoes stringent quality checks prior to leaving the factory in Switzerland. This high-quality, hot-air hand tool is equipped to handle all situations. Its universal areas of application are virtually unlimited. The TRIAC AT will continue to prove its merit in any weather condition and is just as effective outside as it is indoors – all during continuous operation. 
    •  Suitable for the work site
    •  Closed-loop, controlled temperature
    •  Open loop, controlled air volume
    •  Intelligent “e-Drive” operating unit
    •  Ergonomic handling
    •  Modern design

    Triac AT Technical Data 

    Voltage V~ 120
    Frequency Hz 50 / 60
    Power W 1600
    Temperature °F 104 – 1148
    Air volume (68°F) cfm 5.7 – 8.5 (17.7 cfm at max. temp)
    Dynamic pressure Pa 1600 – 3000
    Nozzle holder inches 1.24
    Emission dB(A) 67
    Size (L × ) inches 13 × 4, handle 2
    Weight lbs 2 (without power cord)

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