• Welders Kit: Triac ST Plastic Welders Starter Kit

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    Plastic welding is made easy with our latest LEISTER portable welders kit. This AWARD-WINNING Triac ST Plastic welding kit was curated for large and small jobs. The TRIAC ST is a great starter kit for beginning welders or professionals; lightweight, multiple nozzles, high-quality rods, and more, buy your kit today.

    Plastic can be easily fabricated or repaired with the proper tools; discover the TRIAC ST plastic welders kit. Created for both new and professional welders.

    Welders Starter Kit Features: 

    The LEISTER TRIAC ST hot air welding gun and is loaded with the tools and accessories you will need for professional plastic fabrication. All tools are packaged in a handy portable carrying case (welding rod packed separately). 

    What is included:  

    This Plastic Welders Kit Contains:

    • The TRIAC ST 120V hot air welder
    • 5mm reinforced nozzle
    • 4mm speed nozzle
    • Tracking nozzle
    • Assorted welding rods
    • Rotary burr
    • Brush
    • Gerber multi plier tool
    • Scraping tool
    • LEISTER storage case

    Additional welding tips and accessories can be purchased individually. Download the TRIAC ST operating manual and the 'How to weld plastic' guide for FREE. Looking for a specific welders kit by industry? View all our available custom plastic welding kits today.

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