30 MUST-READ Heat Gun Uses for the Crafts + DIY Master

Heat Gun Uses: 30 Versatile Ways to Use a Hot Air Blower

A heat gun, often referred to as a hot air blower, is a must-have tool for professionals, crafts people and DIY masters. Heat guns are commonly known for their use to strip paint and weld or bend plastics. However, these handy tools are so much more versatile than just plastic welding tools. Discover all the amazing everyday uses and tips that your trusty heat gun provides!

  1. Thaw frozen pipes

    If temperatures plummet during the winter and you’re one step away from a plumbing emergency, reach for your heat gun immediately! Slightly lower the temperature setting and then slowly and gently warm the pipes. This is a slower process because you don’t want to heat it with too much heat to fast as it could cause damage to the pipes. However, using your heat gun is very effective until the professionals arrive or you’re able to apply a new insulation source.

    Source: Good HouseKeeping

  2. Loosening old bolts and screws

    Older bolts and screws, especially those that have rusted over the years, can prove incredibly tricky. That is unless you have a heat gun on hand to do the trick! The hot air from the heat gun will cause the metal to expand and to loosen, thus allowing for easier removal.

  3. Give your car some TLC

    Are there a few creaseless dents on the body of your car? Hot air blowers used in conjunction with a can of air can help to remedy the problem. Start by heating around the dent or over the dent itself using the heat gun on a low setting and moving the tool around consistently to avoid causing any damage to the paint. Do this for a few seconds before blasting the affected area with air from the can. This will cause a layer of ice to form and the dent should pop out once the ice begins to melt.

  4. Clear up foggy headlights

    Now that you’ve gotten out those dents on your car, the next tip is to use your heat gun to clear up the foggy headlights. Grab your heat gun, and with a quick pass over of the headlamp face, you’ll clear out all that fogginess.

    Source: Google

  5. Restore car trims

    It’s common that the black trim on older cars turns to a dull gray. Not a problem though for a heat gun as it can easily restore that trim to its original shine.

    plastic welding for cars

  6. Roast coffee beans to perfection

    Place coffee beans inside a metal bowl and position the heat gun relatively close to the surface. Move it around to allow and even spread of heat. Stir the beans intermittently to ensure even roasting and to avoid burning. You’ll know that they are ready to use when you hear that first crack.

    Source: Good HouseKeeping

  7. Become a master chef

    If cooking is a favorite hobby of yours, you’re going to love this smart trick which has your heat gun double-up as a helpful kitchen tool. You can use it to sear meat, melt chocolate or sugar, or even toast marshmallows or breadcrumbs.

  8. Lift up old or damaged flooring

    It can take hours to pry up an old floor. Luckily, you can speed up the process significantly if you use a heat gun to loosen the flooring adhesive. Your heat gun is specifically useful when it comes to lifting old vinyl flooring.

    welding plastic and linoleum floors

  9. Save money in winter

    Another way to use your heat gun is to insulate your windows with vinyl sheeting in preparation for winter. It will save you plenty of money on your heating bill.

  10. Dry out damp wood

    Damp wood is more susceptible to mold and rot, so it’s important to get rid of excess moisture quickly. Your heat gun is the sure way to do the trick. Just ensure you use a low heat setting to prevent the wood from burning.

    Source: The Irish Times

  11. Bend PVC and metal pipes

    There are countless projects and reasons in which PVC or metal pipes need to be bent. Maybe you’re doing a special DIY project, or you want to change the shape of your sports equipment, such as a hockey stick. Well, a heat gun is your answer to all these hacks, and it will allow you to manipulate the shape of the item.

  12. Remove old wallpaper

    Tired of looking at the old wallpaper? Heat is an excellent adhesive remover, so your heat gun is a handy way to melt the wallpaper glue, especially when you find that the wallpaper is resistant to the soaking method of removal. Just one thing, though – be careful as there’s always a risk when putting heat close to paper.

    Source: The Spruce

  13. Soften or remove adhesives

    Speaking of glue removal, heat guns are one of the best choices to remove a wide variety of adhesives. Need to remove stickers off a mirror? Remove a bumper sticker off your car? Remove the label off a jar? Or maybe you need to remove tile from your bathroom or kitchen. Well, a heat gun will be your best friend in doing all those things with ease!

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  14. Shrink wrapping

    The items that can be shrink wrapped are endless. Some will try to use a hair dryer to shrink wrap, but a heat gun is much more effective and faster.

    How plastic shrink wrap works

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  15. Shrink plastic tubing

    Do you need to put a piece of PVC pipe around something like wires? A heat gun is a good choice to do so. When shrink tubing, ensure to determine what temperature is needed as too high a temperature can cause damage to what’s being wrapped.

  16. Repair leather and vinyl

    Does your leather or vinyl have a cut in it? A heat gun can save the day! Grab a patch and coat one side with heat-activated glue. Use your heat gun to activate the glue and place over the cut.

  17. Upholstering furniture

    Not only can you repair vinyl with a heat gun, you can upholster entire pieces of furniture with vinyl. When heated, vinyl is very easy to stretch around any piece of furniture that could use a new flawless finish.

  18. Join large tarps

    Yes, tarps are large, but sometimes you need a massive size one, which is nearly impossible to buy. So, grab your heat gun to join two or more tarps together by overlapping them, heating the sides, and then pressing together. You can make as large a tarp as you’d like! If you’re looking for some serious tarp or banner welding, check out our plastic fabrication and banner welding heat equipment.

  19. Candle making

    Is candle making a hobby of yours? In creating the perfect candle, you may encounter a nick in the wax or a leveling problem. Your heat gun can easily fix those issues.

  20. Window tinting

    Interested in tinting your windows? Heat guns are great tools to heat shrink the tint film adhering it to the window. Just use a smoothing tool after for a smooth finish.

  21. Sanitizing

    It’s well known that heat sanitizes, so why not use your heat gun to sterilize your tools? Set your heat gun to the highest setting and blast your tools for perfect sanitization.

  22. Waxing a snowboard, surfboard, or skis

    When you grab the wax for your snowboard, surfboard, or skis, the wax isn’t automatically ready to go. Therefore, a quick way to get that perfect coat of wax is to use a heat gun.

  23. Make wood look antique

    Want to make some of your wood furniture look like an antique find from a vintage store, but you don’t want to pay the high prices? A heat gun can age your furniture for you. Just move your heat gun over the wood furniture while paying particular attention to the direction of the grain. Don’t go too fast, though. Just move gently and evenly, and you’ll get that perfect antique look.

  24. Crackle paint

    A heat gun can give that fresh coat of paint you used a more antique finish. Simply paint the object like you normally would, let dry, and then paint a second coat. Brush glue (regular school glue works well) onto the object, and once the glue is tacky, apply a second paint color and then use your heat gun to dry that color. The paint will dry, and you’ll see the crackle as the heat hits.

  25. Stretch a leather belt

    It happens to most of us – a little weight gain leads to a slightly tighter belt. This is a great time for your heat gun to come to the rescue! Apply heat evenly over the leather belt and then pull. This will stretch the belt saving you some money on having to purchase a new one.

  26. Cook bacon

    It might sound strange, but a heat gun can cook bacon. Place that delicious piece of bacon on a plate (don’t use a paper plate!) and run your heat gun over it – front and back – until you have a crispy piece of bacon just waiting to be eaten.

    Source: www.eatthis.com

  27. Remove crayon from walls

    Did you turn your head for a minute and your child took the opportunity to produce some wall art with crayon? No need to use elbow grease and cleaner to remove it. Instead, grab your heat gun and run heat over the crayon. Doing so makes the waxy crayon easy to remove with a cloth.

  28. Embossing

    A heat gun is a crafter’s dream tool when it comes to embossing, especially because the heat gun is designed to have a gentle stream of hot air so as not to blow the embossing powder around. Also, the heat is targeted, which avoids other areas getting unnecessarily heated.

  29. Defrost your freezer

    It happens. You open your freezer to see that it’s nearly overpowered by frost. Sure, you could keep the door open to defrost or even use a hair dryer, but these take a long time to melt that ice. Your heat gun can get the job done much faster!

  30. Phone screen repair

    Many cell phones today use adhesive instead of screws to attach their external and internal components, and they are designed in such a way that you feel as if you need the jaws-of-life to get to those parts that need repair. A heat gun can help you to easily remove components, such as the screen, so you can do the needed repairs. Just be careful of the heat temperature.

Heat guns have unlimited possibilities, especially if you’re a DIYer or craft person. So, if you need a hot air blower, look no further than Hot Air Tools. We have a variety to choose from and we know we have the perfect one for your needs. Plus, with our quality product, and our routine maintenance and repair service program will ensure you never have to run to the store again to buy another heat gun.
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Lastly, if you have a heat gun use you didn’t see in our list or a video you made that would snug in perfectly with one of our uses, please don’t hesitate sharing it with us at info@hotairtools.com as we’d love to feature your tip right here on our blog and build this list to over 100 different ways anyone can use a hot air heat gun. Thank you, and happy welding or crafting.

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