Welds Succesfully On Packaged Dirt


Welding a special blend PE film the length of 2 football fields outdoors on the dirt that contained very little scrim material.


Customer Experience


Demonstrate and train the customer to utilize the Uniplan to achieve the desired welds.


Assembly Supplies Company was recently contacted by a customer looking to weld long lengths of a special blend PE film. This weld needed to be the length of 2 football fields and the welding would be done outdoors in the dirt. They had seen Leister Civil Engineering equipment (Twinny T and Comet wedge welders) and thought this might be a solution. However, the problem we ran into is the material is extremely thin and contained very little scrim material. When we tested the Leister Twinny T and Comet welders on the film it just melted and fouled the tool.

Back to the lab – how can we do this? We continued to experiment by welding the material with a variety of Automatic Leister tools including the Leister Varimat V2 and Leister Variant T1, the results were better but not good enough.

We then decided to try the Uniplan S, a tool designed for welding vinyl signage, banners and tarps. Finally, we got the results we were looking for. We then invited the customer into the office to effectively demonstrate and train them on running the Uniplan to achieve the desired welds.

After our in office training we took to the fields for a more realistic welding environment, a local baseball field to be exact. This provided a real world field weld in packed dirt that our customer would be welding in. And we hit it out of the park.

Extremely satisfied with the results our customer purchased 4 Leister Uniplan S tools and has made plans to purchase several more in the near future.