Process Heat

  • Process Heat
    Process Heat

    LEISTER's process heat sources provide hot air temperatures up to 800°C, with infinite electronic control. We offer innovative system-compatible air heaters, powerful robust blowers, compact flexible hot-air blowers and a comprehensive range of accessories for the process heating equipment. The hot-air tools and blowers are ideally suited for installation in equipment for continuous operation

    Hot-air is increasingly deployed in industrial processes. Typical applications include activating, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilizing, drying and warming to name a few. 

    • classic
      • Heating power not adjustable
      • Detection of heating element and device overheating
        with alarm output
      • Heating power steplessly
        adjustable with potentiometer
      • Protection against heating element and
        device overheating with alarm output
    • system
      • Heating power of temperature steplessly adjustable with
        pentiometer or remote-control interface
      • Protection against heating element and device
        overheating with alarm output
      • Remote control interface for external
        temperature controllers
    • HIGH TEMP.
      • Suitable for temperatures up to 1652 °F
      • High-Temperature models are suitable for
        building into machinery, this hot air tool is
        only supplied without electronics
    • LE MINI
      • Especially suited for applications in which
        heat is concentrated to a point
      • Operates with compressed air at
        a pressure of 29 psi
    • Hot Air
      • Determine thermodynamic properties with the highest accuracy
      • Less energy cosumption = less costs
      • By saving energy your company can reduce its CO2 emmisions 
    • controllers
      • Leister temperature regulators allow the air
        temperature of air heaters and hot-air blowers
        to be precisely regulated
    • Self Contained
      Hot Air Blowers
      • Passing air across a ceramic element to elevate the temperature of the air
      • Providing a number of versatile hot-air blowers
      • Easily integrate into industrial processes
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