Leister Heating Element

  • Leister Heating Element
    Leister Heating Element

    The finest heating elements in the world are manufactured by Leister in Switzerland and you can buy your heating element replacement part right here in the U.S., online today.

    To order your replacement elements please identify the TYP, Volts, and Watts. You can find these identifying labels on the bottom of Leister elements, as seen below in the example image. The older style element is listed on the left and new style elements are listed on the right. 

    Heating Elements: How They Work

    Heating elements are needed in a variety of tools and projects. High-quality heating elements can reach temperatures over 1000°F and are essential in powering hot air tools and other heating solutions across varying industries. However, heating elements don’t have a long lifespan, so if you’re looking for a heating element replacement, especially a Leister heating element, below is a guide describing how they work, and how you can find the right heating element and replacement for your tools.

    What Is a Heating Element?

    Heat elements are materials that work to convert electricity into heat in a process known as Joule heating. Heating elements are commonly made up of metal, ceramic, semi-conductors, thick film heaters, or polymer PTC heating elements. These elements are often in a coil, ribbon, or strip of wire that provides the heat.

    How Does A Heating Element Work?

    When electricity passes through a heating element, it meets resistance. The energy from the electricity then attempts to pass through, and in that process, heats the heating element. When heated, the material typically glows hot, and that heat then expands outwards in every direction.

    Types of Heater and Heating Elements

    There are many different types of heater and heating elements, both in terms of metal and shape. For example, there are metal, PTC, composite, shroud, strip, tank, tubular, process, infrared, heated hoses and tubes, trace cable, flexible heaters, enclosure heaters, drum heaters, coil, cable, ceramic fiber, cast-in, cartridge, and band heaters.

    Today, we’re going to talk specifically about the Leister heating element.

    Below is a list of Leister heating tools that use the heating elements:

    • Triac ST, AT, S, and Diode S
    • Hemtek ST
    • Hot Jet S
    • Labor S
    • Uniplan
    • Welding Pen
    • Variant
    • Electron

    How to Identify Your Leister Heating Element?

    Leister produces the highest quality heating elements globally, and you can find and buy a replacement heating element online at Hot Air Tools. To order a heating replacement element, identify the TYP, volts, and watts on your current heating element. These can be found near the base of the heating element next to the Leister logo.

    How Hot Can A Heating Element Get?

    How hot a heating element can get will depend on the heating element type. Metallic resistor alloys, such as Fe-Cr-AL and Ni-Cr(Fe), can reach temperatures around 1112°F (600°C) and higher, turning the metal red-hot. If you don’t need to reach temperatures that high, then other materials can be used, including copper, nickel, aluminium, and more.

    How to Test Your Heating Elements

    There are four steps to test if your heating element is still good or if it needs to be replaced:

    1. Unscrew the heater tube and remove the mica tube.
    2. Take the heating element out of the tool.
    3. Check to see if anything is damaged.
    4. Measure the resistance of the heating element with an ohmmeter. If ohmmeter is in the double digits, it needs to be replaced.

    A 120V Leister tool should have a heating element that reads 9 for resistance, and a 230V heating element should read 34 resistance.

    If you need a heating element replacement, use our online catalogue to order a replacement. We offer top-quality heating elements to keep your tools in proper working order. Trust the best and only use Leister heating elements for superior quality and performance. And if you have any questions or need any assistance, we are here for you. Please give us a call at 1-800-694-1472, or drop us a message via the Hot Air Tools contact form. We’ll be more than happy to help!