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  • Do you have an interesting or insightful project that you would like to share? We work with so many interesting and innovative processes, it's always fun to promote a new solution. A case study is a great way to share your results! Contact us and we'll get the ball rolling for you!  Do you have an application that you need help with? Our application engineers have experience to help you with your challenges.


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    We live "outside the box," working to deliver on your idea or design.


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    When you need more than just a heater and a blower, we're here to help. We work closely with you to help design the system that meets your needs; from fully automated systems to small, custom "one off" solutions. We have partnered with industry professionals to build systems that range from 200W to 250kW. So the question is, "What do you need hot air for?" Give us a call and we'll figure out how to get your process off the drawing board and onto the production floor!

    MISTRAL 6 SYSTEM: Fully loaded compact hot air blower

    TRIAC ST – Design meets experience