Eliminate condensation from the Guacamole packages travelling from point A to point B on the conveyor belt.




Utilizing Leister Vulcan System hot air tool to speed up conveyor belt, eliminating condensation during dating and marking of packaged Guacamole.


Assembly Supplies Company was contacted by the largest guacamole maker in America to help solve a problem. And who can say no to guacamole? At the end of their processing phase, once the delectable dip was packaged and ready to ship across the country it needed to be dated and marked for freshness. Unfortunately, when moved from one cold room to another less cold room, condensation occurred at the area where the product needed to be marked. This was a problem. Assembly Supplies Company was called in to the facility to address this and provide a solution.

Working on site with America’s number one commercial guacamole maker we presented a few different options for them to choose from based on their allotted budget and specific needs. Assembly Supplies brought in one of our integrators to help with the buildup, and we came to a resolution. A relatively simple conveyor was to be built and using focused hot air at the point where condensation was a problem it would be dried to allow for dating of each individual package.

Using a couple of Leister Hotwind Systems and the proper wide slot nozzles we were able to provide a budget friendly solution to their pressing issue. The Leister Hotwind Systems have closed loop capabilities meaning once the temperature has been set they can be left alone for hours and will adjust temperature to hold at the set point regardless of outside environmental factors. Brushless motors allow for long continuous work cycles and require little maintenance.

The success of this project grew as we were called on to build bigger, faster lines. Again working alongside those at the facility and our team of integrators this time we utilized the Leister Vulcan System hot air tool. The big brother to the Hotwind this new conveyor hot air solution allowed them to run their lines 2-3 times faster than before. This newer larger line ensured they were able to effectively mark and date thousands of individual packages of guacamole headed to big name retailers around the country. Assembly Supplies Company chipped in to the help this guacamole company get its product to customers around the country in a fresh and timely manner. You may have already enjoyed some of this guacamole! If you have an application that might benefit from hot air solutions give us a call to see if we can be of help. We may not always be serving guacamole, but we always look forward to serving you.

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