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    Hem welding made easy with the HEMTEK ST. The efficient welding machine from Leister automatically welds hems from beginning to end.

    The LEISTER Welding Machine

    HEMTEK ST: Hem, tarpaulins, and banner welding has never been so easy and affordable.

    Your weld machine will be shipped via truck, shipping will default to UPS Ground for price calculations (48 continental US), for Customers outside the contiguous U.S. (including AK, HI and US Protectorates) please call us to complete your order at 1-800-694-1472 we will calculate freight cost at that time, thanks!)

    The HEMTEK ST is designed for a wide range of applications and is particularly intuitive to use. Once the weld machine is mounted, you can start welding immediately. Preparing or finishing with hot-air hand tools is no longer necessary. From now on, you can quickly weld promotional banners or tarpaulins from corner-to-corner with ease.

     Stationary Hot Air Welding Machine:

    • Welding speeds of up to 39 feet per minute
    • Very strong blower
    • Tool-free setting of the hem guide
    • One hem guide, three applications: Hem: 0.8/1.2/1.6 inches; Pole pockets: up to 4 inches; Piping
    • Easy-to-use: Thanks to the foot pedal, your hands are free to guide the material
    • Everything in a single step: No need to weld with hot-air hand tools afterwards
    • All machine welding parameters are adjustable
    • Hemtek features a "Cooldown" mode
    • The weld machine can be mounted onto almost any table: freely-adjustable, quick-clamp lock
    • Double hem weld capable, no more reinforcement tape needed 

    *other versions available upon request. Give us a call 800-694-1472.

    Technical Data: Hemtek ST Welding Machine

    Tech Data Hemtek

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    Leister HEMTEK FAQs

    If you have been searching around for HEMTEK FAQs, you’ve landed in the right place. Below, we provide answers to some of the most asked questions about the innovative HEMTEK ST banner welding machine out on the market.

    Why use the Leister HEMTEK ST?

    The Leister HEMTEK ST is a welding machine that combines efficiency, simplicity, and versatility in one attractive package. Regardless of the materials used and the size of the work, the HEMTEK ST welds hems automatically and delivers edge reinforcement.

    Say goodbye to tape, as it will no longer be needed once you have used the machine’s heat welding seamless technique.

    Does it really save you time and money?

    Yes, to both!

    The HEMTEK ST is built for speed. For clients who use the machine, they have noticed that finishing projects have become so much faster compared to conventional methods. Work that would previously take at least a day can now be completed within a couple of hours. Plus, the time saved means you can take on more projects than ever before.

    In terms of saving money, it’s important to look past the initial cost of the HEMTEK ST and see its investment value. By using this machine, expensive recurring material costs, such as reinforced adhesive tape, can be reduced, and productivity can be increased, which means more jobs and revenue for your business.

    What is the overall quality of the welds?

    As expected, the welding quality is at an exceptionally high level. Using adhesive tape can leave seams appearing unclean and inaccurate. With the LEISTER HEMTEK ST, however, you can produce consistent welds – from start to finish – with a professional finish.

    How easy is it to use the LEISTER machine for banner welding?

    The HEMTEK ST has been created with ease of use in mind. No specialist knowledge is required to use the machine. Its design also supports the everyday user. Using a foot pedal, you can use your hands to guide the material and ensure the welds are aligned correctly. In addition, the entire process is seamlessly completed in one step; there’s no need for additional hot air hand tools to complete the job.

    If you don’t feel confident using the machine right out of the box, introductory training classes and welding courses are offered through Leister Technologies AG. For more information, visit www.leister.com or call us directly at 1-800-694-1472 for answers to your questions and to support your needs.

    What banner welding machine settings work best?

    Due to the differing materials and needs of clients, the ideal settings for the HEMTEK ST can vary. After purchasing the machine, it is recommended to run a series of setting tests. By running tests, you’ll gain practice and find the right settings for your project.

    What type of table should be used alongside the HEMTEK ST?

    Although dependent on the size of the banners or tarpaulin you’re working on, typically, a large table is required. Without adequate space, the efficiency levels of the HEMTEK ST could be affected. Something else to consider is modifications to the table, such as a roller system and self-heating mat, which can also maximize performance.

    The good news is that the HEMTEK ST comes with a quick-clamp lock, which allows you to mount or dismantle the machine on any table with minimal effort.

    Don’t see your question listed? No worries: check-out our extensive FAQ library or just call us at 1-800-694-1472 for answers to your additional questions and to support your needs.