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    LEISTER TRIAC ST: LEISTER Heat Gun for Plastic Welders

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    The TRIAC ST from Leister is primarily used for plastic welding and plastic fabrication. Case is included with each TRIAC tool. Our best in class TRIAC tool takes welding to the next level by providing top control, handling, and application of hot air for any plastic welding project. See additional TRAIC information below, accessories, and available welding kits custom built by Hot Air Tools' experts for your industry needs.

    About the LEISTER TRIAC ST. A plastic welders best friend.

    The TRIAC ST is an AWARD-WINNING hot air tool used for plastic welding, single ply roofing, floor welding, geo-membrane welding, and for many other plastic and fabrication industries. The TRIAC ST is the hot air hand tool that is preferred by professional plastic welders world wide.

    • Leister's most popular and versatile hot air tool
    • Includes handy carrying case
    • Compatible with over 80 nozzles and accessories
    • Two-component handle ensures perfect grip
    • Weighs only 2.18lbs
    • 100% Swiss made quality
    • Automatic carbon stop and heating element protection

    Nozzles FOR TRAIC ST must be ordered seperatly: Shop and Buy Nozzles

    Triac ST Downalods

    Download TRIAC ST operating manual and our how to weld plastic guide for FREE.


    How To Weld Plastic Guide

    Triac ST Technical Data for the Plastic Welder

    Voltage V~ 120
    Frequency Hz 50 / 60
    Power W 1600
    Temperature °F 104 – 1292
    Air volume (68°F) cfm 8.5 (17.7 cfm at max. temp)
    Dynamic pressure Pa 3000
    Nozzle holder inches 1.24
    Emission dB(A) 67
    Size (L × ) inches 13 × 4, handle 2
    Weight lbs 2 (without power cord)

    Diagram For - LEISTER TRIAC ST: LEISTER Heat Gun for Plastic Welders
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    The LEISTER TRIAC ST is a handy, reliable and versatile hot air hand tool for thermoplastic-roofing, vinyl flooring, billboards, tarpaulins, civil engineering, tunneling, landfills, plastic fabrication and shrinking projects. Use the Triac ST to weld seams in hard-to-reach areas, install small patches or perform various seam repairs.

    The TRIAC ST is an easy to use hand held welder's tool. Output is controlled via a rotary knob just like the TRIAC S. The new TRIAC handle design gives customers a better grip, while an improved weight distribution makes the plastic welding tool more comfortable to use. The TRIAC ST offers enhanced agronomical design and the same Dual Air Filters found in the TRIAC AT. This hot air welder is economical, extremely rugged, and designed with dependability and a long lifespan. It’s easy to use this self-contained TRIAC ST, simply plug in the plastic welding tool and turn it on; select your temperature and it’s ready to go.

    This portable hot air hand tool is perfect for what a plastic welder needs, but to bolster your job versitility we also have created custom plastic welding kits to get any job done. We’ve taken the standard LEISTER TRIAC ST and added your favorite nozzles, accessories and a LEISTER storage case in several ready-to-go bundle kits. The TRIAC ST can be found in these industry professional kits, such as fabric repair kits, flooring kits and thermo plastic kits.