• When welding you must use the same welding rod as your material (example HDPE to HDPE).  We use only the highest grade resins to manufacture or welding rod to guarantee the very best rod available.  The size of the welding rod is also important when ordering – correct rod diameter will allow you to make stronger welds. 

    Plastic Welding Rods

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    Plastic Welding Rods
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    Plastic welding rods, manufactured using the highest-grade resin. Only accept the best for your plastic welding tools!

    Plastic Welding Rods

    Get the best plastic welding rods! When it comes to plastic welding there are two very important elements to consider; material and welding equipment. And here at Hot Air Tools, we've got both.

    You have likely already determined that the Leister tool you are using is the best equipment possible for your welding application.  The welding rod material itself is extremely important to match to the material you are welding to (example HDPE to HDPE).  We only sell plastic welding rod manufactured using the highest-grade resin. If you don’t see the type or color plastic welding rod you are looking for please call us at 800-694-1472 with any custom orders.

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